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Before you go Calling Yourself a Foodie

Let’s hold up there a minute before you go calling yourself a Foodie. Just because you hit every food truck at the Beer-Fest doesn’t make you a Foodie. There is a standard that goes with that Foodie title and we need to uphold that standard.

Let’s be real… Most everyone likes to eat. We all love food! Our lives revolve around food. So you and your friends are socializing around food and you snap a couple pictures with your phone’s camera and Hash Tag #FoodPorn all over Instagram and Facebook for your friends who couldn’t make it.  Now you’re a Foodie?  I don’t think so.  This is more than likely your coping mechanism because your best friend turned down the invite to socialize.  You’re just trying to rub it in.

Now don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that you find food to be a hobby.  I want food hobbyists to follow us on Dave and Cyn’s Epic Adventure.  I’m just feeling like this term has been thrown around all willy-nilly like a red rubber ball and that takes something away from the importance of what a Foodie truly is.

So lets get all serious for a moment and break it down.  If you check online, Wikipedia defines a Foodie as a person who has an ardent or refined interest in food and who eats food not out of hunger but due to his interest and hobby. i.e. a person who enjoys food for pleasure. This is an okay definition but I think it only covers one aspect of being a Foodie and that is the pleasurable aspect of food.

When I think of a true Foodie, this is how I would wrap them up.  Foodies are knowledgeable of the recent food fads, food education and where to find culinary adventures. Foodies are adventurous and often try new and different restaurants and tend to shy away from the big chain restaurants. Foodies are always willing and eager to give their opinions and recommendations on restaurants. Foodies typically know the chefs by name and know a something about them, their favorite styles of cooking, their signature methods and what restaurants they’ve worked at or owned. They also often know the origin, quality and details of the food they eat.

I know that’s a lot to digest (see what a did there); let me break it down another way.  How about some real life examples:

  • As a Foodie, I can tell you about one of my favorite local restaurants and their use of local ingredients and likely name a few of the farms they work with.
  • As a Foodie, I don’t need to ask a waiter to explain to me what a certain cooking style used for a dish means.  I am well versed in styles and techniques.
  • As a Foodie, I can recommend many great restaurants in a certain area or even a certain cuisine style.
  • As a Foodie, I can often break down a meal detecting flavors and ingredients and easily suggest wines or beers that may pair well with these flavors.

So do you really want to be a true Foodie?  All you have to do is start by taking the term Foodie seriously and help hold it to a deserving standard.  This is a hobby anyone can get into, you just need to, read, ask, learn and stay informed.  Read about your restaurants, ask your waiters questions, learn about the chefs, attend any special chef hosted events, tastings or wine pairings.  Practice writing detailed and relevant reviews of the restaurants you visit and don’t just give them a numerical rating.  Be adventurous and try new places and new foods.  Save up for that special $55 a plate restaurant and give it a try at least one.  Who knows… maybe soon you’ll have earned that coveted title of a true Foodie.

Dave VanderWekke is former Electronic Engineer now Accomplished Software Engineer, former IBMer, amateur chef and amateur BBQ pit-master and definite Foodie. He is also a Paranormal Investigator, Ordained Minister and full time tinkerer into everything from Home Automation to A.I. and Robotics. Dave loves dining and dressing up for the occasion and thinks it's a lost art. "Sunday Supper should be something everyone does", says Dave. [More About Dave...]

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