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Our First Sunday Supper Tour 2018

Throughout 2017, we were lucky enough to have started a new First Sunday Supper tradition.  Our friend Chef Ken Salmon who owned Upstream Grille (now sadly closed) had an amazing pianist who would play the first Sunday of the month during dinner.  Henry Shapiro, 97 years young at the time, had played around the Lake Hopatcong, NJ area for a portion of his career that started when he was 13.  This became a tradition for us.  Cyn and I would dress up and head over to enjoy an amazing Sunday Supper while listening to Henry playing tunes from the Great American Songbook.  This was something we looked forward to every month.

In December 2017, after we found out that Ken was sadly closing his doors, we thought about how we could continue the tradition while adding a little adventure to it.  We certainly could have chosen any one of our other favorite places that also have piano music and amazing food but it would have felt like a replacement rather than a new adventure.  So for 2018 we decided to make the First Sunday tradition a tour of sorts.  We would pick 12 different restaurants where dressing up for supper would be appropriate and scheduled them throughout the year.  As part of our tour, we plan to document each visit with a blog or a vlog and pictures to highlight the evening.

We hope that our 2018 First Sunday Supper Tour will inspire you to get out and create your own dining traditions and perhaps try some of the great local restaurants we will visit in 2018.

Here’s our 2018 plan.  We’ll mark them off and link to our blogs as we visit each location;

Dave VanderWekke is former Electronic Engineer now Accomplished Software Engineer, former IBMer, amateur chef and amateur BBQ pit-master and definite Foodie. He is also a Paranormal Investigator, Ordained Minister and full time tinkerer into everything from Home Automation to A.I. and Robotics. Dave loves dining and dressing up for the occasion and thinks it's a lost art. "Sunday Supper should be something everyone does", says Dave. [More About Dave...]