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Cyn’s Monthly Obsessions – June 2018

This is a new series I am starting. I wanted to share with you things that I have been obsessed about over the past month. I know many bloggers and Youtubers who do it on a monthly basis. These categories will remain consistent throughout the series. I left the last category, Odd Ball, for items that won’t fit into the other nine.


  1. Wine or Spirits –

Hope’s End Red Blend – I love this Australian red blend. It has dark fruity taste with a smooth finish. I find it to be a bold flavor that pairs well with food as well as sipping by itself on the back deck. The price of about $10-15 (depending on what store you get it from) makes this an amazing pick for a regular in my line up. It is an inexpensive wine with a rich flavor. (www.hopesendwine.com)




  1. Gadget – Kitchen or Bar

Red Wine Aerator and Filter – Didn’t see this one coming did you. Many red wines have bold flavors that spring to life when adding a little air. There are many techniques and gadgets I love aerating my red wines and its so easy with this aerator. The thing I love about this is I can control how much goes in the glass. You can pour as little as you like. You can pick one up at Amazon for about $13.50. If you are someone who enjoys the complexity of red wines, this is worthwhile investment. (To learn more about this, Click Here to go to Amazon)




  1. Cheese –

5-Year Aged Cheddar – I am in love with sharp cheddars. Have been my whole life. My parents would stop in Vermont after visiting family to stock up on Sharp and Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese. I was thrilled when I found a 5-year aged cheddar cheese sold by Bobolink and created at Oasis at Bird-in-Hand on a trip to Sparta’s Farmers Market. I was immediately obsessed and request it when asked, “What would you like?” It has a sharpness you would expect from an aged cheddar, but it also has creaminess that melts in your mouth, unlike other aged cheddars I have had that are dry with just the bite at the end. Since finding it I have paired it with either local honey or green apple to bring out the flavors of the cheese. (Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse and Oasis at Bird-in-Hand)



  1. Recipe –

Turkey Chili from Fixate Beachbody Recipe Book – On my wellness/fitness journey, I have discovered some great healthier options to my favorite recipes. My current obsession for lunches is Turkey Chili by Fixate Beachbody. It is a healthier alternative to traditional chili but has all the savory flavor as well as heat. The way the recipe is created allows a person to scale spice level to the person’s taste. I like bringing the heat so I always add crushed red peppers. (Team Beachbody)



  1. Fitness or Wellness –

Insanity Workouts – Trying to stay on my fitness path can be a bit challenging when life throws stress my way. I have turned to my latest go-to program, Shaun T Insanity, to keep getting fitter, stronger and faster while pushing thru life’s challenges.  (Shaun T)



  1. Different or Unusual –

Venison Summer Sausage from Fossil Farms – On our May visit to the Fossil Farms store in Boonton, NJ we picked up various cured meats and sausages. I fell in love with the Venison Summer Sausage as it had a combination of sweet and savory within the same bite. (Fossil Farms)





  1. Sweets and Desserts –

Over the past few months, Dave and I have gotten obsessed with charcuterie and fromage boards as our go-to dinners in the evening. We always add some fruit and other items to pair up with our selected meats and cheeses. This month, my obsession has been Glazed Pecans from Emerald. They add a great sweet crunchiness to the arrangements that compliments a variety of the cheeses have been getting. (Sold at Walmart, Amazon or your local grocery store)



  1. Snacks –

Sometimes you need a little extra something to keep you going in the afternoon. When I do insane workouts, I notice I need an extra boost of protein. A few times a week, I will reach for Cactus Pete’s Death by Garlic Beef Jerky. A few pieces and I feel satisfied. This beef jerky has less  salt and sugar that I would find in the brands at the grocery store. Plus, it supports a local shop. They can be found at several NY & NJ Farmer’s Markets or at their store in Warwick, NY.





  1. New Thing I Tried –

Ramp Pesto – For the first time in my life, I had Ramp Pesto, which Dave made at home after a Farmer’s Market Haul. I love the combination of onion and garlic flavor so much that I now have him trying to create a pesto that has a similar flavor composition.





  1. Odd Ball Item –

What list would be complete without an odd ball items of the month. This is my polite way of saying, its going to be whatever I am truly obsessed with this month that doesn’t quite fit into another category but still needs mentioning.

This month’s odd ball items is something that I have posted to my social media in the past but definitely should get another shout out. Kauai Vanilla and Macadamia Nut Coffee is my morning obsession.  The vanilla gives it a smooth flavor which pairs beautifully with the nuttiness of the Macadamias. It is balanced so the flavors don’t overpower the coffee itself. For my fellow coffee drinkers this is a light to medium roast. I have used it as cold brew but would suggest making small amounts. The flavor is best enjoyed, in my opinion, with a few days of making it. (Kauai Coffee)

Variety is the spice of life has been Cynthia’s Motto over the last two decades. She is a Belly Dancer and Instructor, a Paranormal Investigator, BeachBody Coach, Avid Hiker, Makeup Addict and Jewelry Maker. She’s enjoys the various fun-filled adventures and date nights/days with Dave. She attempts to cook; sometimes she succeeds.

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