Variety is the spice of life has been Cynthia’s Motto over the last two decades. She is a Belly Dancer and Instructor, a Paranormal Investigator, BeachBody Coach, Avid Hiker, Makeup Addict and Jewelry Maker. She’s enjoys the various fun-filled adventures and date nights/days with Dave. She attempts to cook; sometimes she succeeds.

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    Cyn’s Monthly Obsessions – June 2018

    This is a new series I am starting. I wanted to share with you things that I have been obsessed about over the past month. I know many bloggers and Youtubers who do it on a monthly basis. These categories will remain consistent throughout the series. I left the last category, Odd Ball, for items that won’t fit into the other nine.   Wine or Spirits – Hope’s End Red Blend – I love this Australian red blend. It has dark fruity taste with a smooth finish. I find it to be a bold flavor that pairs well with food as well as sipping by itself on the back deck.…