About Dave VanderWekke

Dave VanderWekkeWho am I (the short version): First and foremost, my name is Dave VanderWekke and I am a Foodie. As long as I can remember, I have loved good food.  While I wasn’t always adventurous, I think this changed as an adult.  I have always been interested in Cooking, Barbecuing and Smoking. For me, it’s not only the results but I enjoy learning the process, techniques and the science behind it.  I also love dining and entertaining.  I love to put on a suit and head out for a nice elegant dining experience. You will find I often spend time learning about a restaurant I want to try, it’s history, it’s style and it’s beliefs.  I learn about the Chef, where he or she was trained, we’re they’ve gained their experience and their favorite techniques.  To me, this is part of the experience.  I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, firing up my smoker come grilling season and entertaining guests with my creations.  I think for me, the adventure and the experience are very important but it does certainly revolve around food.

Who am I (the TMI version): I am an engineer by training.  My parents say they found me always taking things apart as a kid to see how they worked.  Definitely a curiosity to the extreme.  I often say, I’ve been breaking warranties since 1969.  My formal training was as an Electronic Engineer and eventually I drifted into Web Design and Graphic Arts and eventually to Software Design which is where I make my living today as a Software engineer.  I’ve worked for small mom & pop companies and also for large companies like IBM throughout my varied career.

I am a hobbyist gamer and do play my Xbox as a way to unwind and relax. I am very much into robotics, artificial intelligence and home automation as a hobby and do tinker in my spare time. I’m also a life long MOPAR guy and a car nut.  I have a 2011 Toxic Orange Challenger SRT8 that I love to drive.  It’s great for those weekend adventures wandering in upstate New York.

I also consider myself an amateur BBQ Pit-Master. My love of BBQ as a 20 year hobby often has me making BBQ sauces, Rubs and Hot Sauces.  I’ve considered turning it into a business but for now, it’s going to remain a fun hobby.