About Cynthia Moricz de Tecso

cynrackaliciousCynthia has always had a love/hate relationship with food. Growing up she learned the art of dining out and enjoyed her meals slowly. She started in the kitchen at a very early age where she mastered simple baking (her specialty is chocolate chip cookies) and basic breakfast meals. However, as much as she has tried, she has never gotten to be great in the kitchen, which has made her appreciate the culinary craft others possess even more.

She also acquired the joy of jamming from her mother and grandmother and has created Cynfully Hot Jams for Rack-a-Licious BBQ.

She has always been intrigued with craft wines and ciders. Now that carries over to craft beers and micro-distilleries. Her motto has become, “If you are going to have one, make it a great one.”

Now she drives around with Dave looking for the best experiences in food, desserts and libations. Watch as she shares her discoveries of the Good, the Bad and the OMG what were they thinking through Dave and Cyn – Will Travel for Food.